AVG Virus Removal Tool

Download AVG virus removal tool to clean viruses on infected computers

– AVG is a popular free anti-virus software that is used by several home PC users.While the anti-virus software offers protection against harmful malware and viruses, AVG also offers a few removal tools for cleaning up some popular and harmful viruses like Virut, Conficker, etc.

AVG Virus removal tools are available to clean up viruses like Win32/Virut, Worm/Downadup (Worm/Conficker), VBS/I-love-you, Win32/Expiro and more. You can download these tools for free and clean up the infected computer. Before starting the clean up, make sure that the infected computer is disconnected from LAN, if any, to prevent the spread of viruses to other computers on the network. You should also make sure that you have disabled windows system restore function.

The following are viruses for which AVG provides removal tools.You can find out detailed instruction on how to use each of those tools on their download pages.

  • Downloader.Stubby.A
  • I-Worm/Bugbear.C
  • I-Worm/Ganda
  • I-Worm/Happy99
  • I-Worm/Lovgate.C
  • I-Worm/Luder
  • Win32/Dundun
  • I-Worm/Mydoom.A and B
  • I-Worm/Mydoom.F
  • I-Worm/Navidad
  • I-Worm/Nimda
  • I-Worm/Pretty_Park
  • I-Worm/Sircam.A
  • I-Worm/Sober.A
  • I-Worm/Swen
  • I-Worm/Verona.B
  • LOP.AH/Backdoor.Generic3.SVX
  • Packed.Protector.C
  • Win32/Vampiro
  • VBS/Iloveyou
  • Win32/Alman
  • Win32/Delf.2.B
  • Win32/Dupator
  • Win32/Elkern, variants A, B and C
  • Win32/Gaelicum
  • Win32/Kriz
  • Win32/Mabezat
  • Win32/Magistr, variants A and B
  • Win32/Parite
  • Win32/Prepender
  • Win32/Sality
  • Win32/Tanatos, variants A, H, I and M
  • Win32/Valla.2048

Download AVG Removal Tool for free

The free avg virus removal tools work on windows 7, vista, windows xp and ME.

You can also download Norton removal tool and remove virus threats.

AVG Anti-virus Software

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