Change text alignment or orientation in excel 2007

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You would have seen text in excel 2007, that is aligned or tilted vertically or diagonally or on its side! This excel trick of changing text alignment or orientation in excel 2007 spreadsheets, is very useful, when you want to display more information in less space.Here is how to display text that is aligned or tilted at an angle, say, vertical or diagonal, in headers of multi column tables, in excel 2007 spreadsheets.

Text that is aligned or tilted vertical or diagonal or on its side, is often found in spreadsheets or charts. But how to change the text alignment or orientation in excel 2007, so that the text appear tilted vertical or diagonal or on its side?

change text alignment or orientation, by tilting it diagonal or vertical, in excel 2007 spreadsheets:

  • Type or edit the text into a cell, in a worksheet of excel 2007 workbook
  • Select the cell
  • On the home tab of the ribbon for excel 2007, look for the alignment group. On the ribbon you will find a button with an ‘ab’ and an arrow all on an angle.
  • The above button in excel 2007 ribbon, is the orientation menu.Click on the little drop down arrow beside it and you will find several options to change or tilt the angle of the text.This includes “Angle clockwise”, “Angle counterclockwise”, “vertical text”, “Rotate Text Up”, “Rotate Text Down” and “Format Cell Alignment”
  • Select the most appropriate option to change text alignment in excel 2007.You can be more specific about the angle of the text by selecting “Format Cell Alignment” option

That is it folks. Hope you would have liked this tutorial on changing text angle or alignment in excel 2007 spreadsheets.

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  1. Nice find.
    Although it is there, every time I open Excel, but somehow I missed it.

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  2. Thanks. Must be the easiest answer I’ve ever come across in 25 years computing

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