Excel password removal in Microsoft Excel 2007

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We earlier told you on how to encrypt and password protect Excel 2007 files. This is a tutorial on removing Excel password protection in MS excel 2007.

How to remove Excel password?

  • Open the excel 2007 file that has been encrypted, password protected and locked. It will ask you for the password.Enter the password and click OK
  • Click on the office Orb on the top left
  • Select Prepare >> Encrypt document
  • An Encrypt document dialog box pops up with the password set (in asterisk)
  • clear the password and click Ok
  • Save and close the excel 2007 file

That is all. If you open the Excel 2007 document again, it would no longer ask you for the password. Was this tutorial on Excel password removal useful?

3 Responses to “Excel password removal in Microsoft Excel 2007”

  1. Your video tutorial on Excel 2007 is very helpful to us struggling to familiarise ourselves with the new Microsoft Office 2007. Thank you.

  2. Why is the “Encrypt document” greyed out in my Microsoft Office?

  3. Are you using Office 2007 or 2010 or an an earlier version? Which edition of Office are you using? If you are using an earlier version of Office, what is your Windows OS? Does this feature work in Safe mode?

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