Google sky at is a treat for students and astronomers

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Google Sky – web version is now available at was announced through the official google blog.

Google sky is a masterpiece from Google.Students interested in astronomy would love Google sky as one can search and view all the planets in the solar system in Google sky.

Google sky also has a collection of the most stunning Hubble telescope images.

One can also listen to Google sky podcasts and explore the wonderful historical maps of the sky.The web edition of Google sky was developed by Diego Gavinowich(from Buenos Aires), in three months time. Diego Gavinowich was a finalist in Google’s Latin America Code Jam contest and coded the web edition during his three month internship with google.

Google Sky – video

4 comments on “Google sky at is a treat for students and astronomers
  1. Definitely useful for students.

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  2. Google Sky is really cool and is a lot of fun to just play around with. Thanks for telling me about it.

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  3. Rajesh,
    What plugin are you using for getting “All incoming search terms for this post:”

    Is it the same as one here at

    What is your experience with it.
    I am considering using it for onsite SEO, and better search results.

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  4. Silki, I am using a custom plugin.I will have to see whether I can fine tune and release this.But I am still experimenting with it to see SEO benefits…

  5. […] map maker, start mapping your favourite places and share your links. Earlier I mentioned about how Google sky is a treat to students and astronomers and now enjoy Google Map […]

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