How to split a video with the free avidemux

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Split, filter and encode videos with Avidemux, that supports several file types including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of video codecs. We earlier made a tutorial on how to rip audio from video.Let us now see how to cut videos using the free Avidemux.

How to split a video with Avidemux?

Here is how you go about cutting videos with Avidemux.First download the free Avidemux from here and extract the contents of the zip to a folder.Then double click the application “avidemux2_qt4″, within the folder, to start editing videos.

  • 1. First load the video file.
  • 2. At the bottom of the window, there are two markers: A and B. You can also jump to marker A or B using the Go->Go to Marker A or Go->Go to Marker B menu entries.
  • 3. Click on A to select the start point from where you want to cut the video and B to select the end of the clip. You can confirm the start and end edit positions the frame displayed at the bottom of the screen, under the Selection section. Obviously, marker A can’t come after marker B. If you try to set marker A to a frame after marker B, Avidemux will set marker B to that point, and marker A to the frame after where marker B used to be. So, for example, if marker A is at frame 0 and marker B is at frame 10, then you set marker A to frame 20, Avidemux will actually put marker A at frame 11 and marker B at frame 20.

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