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Convert any video with free online video converter!
There are a lot of video converters on the web but many of them are software which you need to download and install on your PC.If you prefer not to install any software on your computer, then you could use this free online video converter called Movavi, to convert videos.

How to convert any video?

“Movavi Online” is a free web service that not only converts videos but also lets you download videos from popular video streaming sites.With Movavi, you could convert any video in just three simple steps.

  • 1. Click File and Upload any video from your computer.You could also specify the URL to any online video, like those hosted on Dailymotion etc., to convert it from one format to another
  • 2. Next, specify an output format.You could choose video formats like avi, mp4, flash etc. or formats that are compatible with ipod, iphone, psp or cellphone (3GP converter).If needed, you could also click Advanced to specify video codec, preset, height, width, frame rate etc.
  • 3. Finally, click convert to convert and download the video to your computer. You could also choose to merge multiple videos after conversion.

That is it!

Free Online Video Converter

But you need to sign up to use this free online service. If your video conversions will take a while, or if the Movavi servers are busy, they will email you the links to download the conversions, when they are done. That way, you can get on with other things on your computer – or even turn it off – and don’t need to wait for your files to be converted. This is particularly useful if you have a slow connection, or if you want to convert a video that’s on some other computer.

Supported video sites and format

Movavi lets you convert and save videos from the following popular video streaming websites.


With Movavi, you could convert up to five files in one conversion session, provided the total size doesn’t exceed 100MB of data. What is cool is each of those input videos can be in a different format, and Movavi will convert all of them to the desired format! However, the input videos should be one of the following supported input video formats.

  • AVI (DivX, XVid),
  • MPEG (1, 2, 4),
  • MP4,
  • 3gp,
  • 3gp2,
  • WMV,
  • MOV (QT).

Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to process the uploaded videos.But once the conversion is complete, Movavi sends an email with the link, to the registered email address.You should then download the converted video as soon as possible (within 24 hours), as the videos are not stored on theirs servers for long.

Overall, Movavi is good free online video converter to convert any video. Head on to, if you find a need to convert videos. If you have any problem in playing the downloaded videos, make sure that you have a good video player on your computer.You could also burn the converted video to any DVD using a good DVD burning software.

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