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Here is a free speech to text (voice recognition) software for blackberry smartphones called Vlingo.You can control your blackberry with your voice, using this voice recognition software!

How does this blackberry speech to text application work?

Vlingo uses highly advanced speech recognition technology and is a very smart speech to text (voice recognition) application for blackberry smartphones.You can talk to your blackberry phones and it will listen and act accordingly.If you want to search for something on the web, just tell the keywords to your blackberry and it will take care of opening the search application, typing the keywords to search and hitting “Search” to display the results.Vlingo also lets you compose emails or SMS on your blackberry, by just speaking the contents to it.You can even say things like “question mark”, “comma”, and “period” and Vlingo will put in the corresponding punctuation mark.Thus, you don’t have to type anything.

Your blackberry gets converted into a smart robot with Vlingo.This robot gets better, the more you use Vlingo, as it begins to adapt to your voice and it continues to learn as long as you use Vlingo on your blackberry.It learns from the words, phrases, and sentences you commonly speak. If vlingo makes a mistake and you correct it, vlingo will learn to avoid making the same mistake again. Vlingo also learns from what other users say and uses that knowledge to improve its accuracy for you.

Vlingo runs on BlackBerry OS (versions 4.2.1 or higher).It has also been reported that Vlingo works fine with blackberry bold as well.

How to get best result from this speech recognition software?

Vlingo performs best in a quiet environment than when there is lot of random background noise.In a noisy environment, you need to hold the phone closer to your mouth and speak louder.Make sure to pronounce the words clearly but naturally and do not pause between each word. Begin speaking shortly after the audio tone finishes playing. Release the side key, shortly after you are done speaking. Long periods of silence can cause Vlingo to pick up background noise as intended speech.

Vlingo can start your web browser or mail or search applications and deliver text to them. However, once the application is open, you cannot use Vlingo to control the application.

Free download Vlingo and enjoy the free speech to text (voice recognition) application on your blackberry.

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  1. Are there any plans to add the ability to put punctuation in the message?

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