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We have covered a number of video downloaders in the past and here is yet another video or audio downloader that lets you download live streaming video or audio!

Live downloader is a free software for Windows 7, Vista, and windows XP and it lets you capture and download streaming video and audio from the web. It is a simple and powerful software, as it automatically detects the content being played online and gives you an option to download it. If you chose to download the streaming video or audio, you can specify a download location on your PC.

Download Streaming Video and Audio

Live downloader also has a built-in download manager that lets you monitor and manage multiple video or audio downloads.

Download HD Video

Features of Streaming Video and Audio Downloader

  • It is a powerful and Convenient tool to download streaming audio and video.
  • Has a very friendly interface. Play the digital media and then Click “Download” to download a copy to your computer.
  • Live Downloader makes it easy to capture and save media streamed using a wide range of protocols.
  • The freeware works with any browser including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and more.
  • Live Downloader lets you download Youtube HD videos, Megavideo Videos, Dailymotion Videos, and videos from Metacafe and other popular video streaming sites
  • It is completely automatic as it automatically names and tags your video and MP3 files, avoiding cryptic file names.

Download Live Downloader from here to capture and save streaming videos from online websites delivering TV shows, movies and music.

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  1. Very nice post…Users can also try real player for this.

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