Get Video desktop background for windows XP

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Use any video as desktop background on windows XP using XPScene. This is a free software that lets you play any video as a xp desktop background, like in Windows Vista Ultimate.

How to use any video as desktop background in windows XP?

  • Run the free program – XpScene
  • select any input video (*.wmv, *.mpg or *.avi) and choose Re-size Mode: Use “stretch” to avoid black bars, or “keep aspect ratio” to ensure best quality. These are default settings.
  • select output folder for the video and html file
  • Click “Create”
  • Select the html file like any other desktop wallpaper through “Display Properties >> Desktop >> Background >> Browse”

That is all. However, make sure that you have Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework or higher installed on your PC.Also this desktop wallpaper is only recommended for computer systems with atleast 3.0 GHz single core CPU and 1024 MB Ram. If you have a graphics card with DirectX hardware video acceleration, CPU usage can be dramatically reduced.

Free download XpScene and have any of your favorite video as desktop background in windows XP.

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  1. xpscene works great !! thx for the tip ;)

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