Free Video Joiner For MPEG, AVI, RM and WMV Videos

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Join or merge video files into one large video with Easy Video Joiner. This is a free software that lets you merge any number of video files. It supports merging of AVI, MPEG (MPG), RM (Real Media) or WMV/ASF (Window Media) Video files.

We had earlier covered a free Video Splitter called Easy Video Splitter to split videos easily.If you are looking for a free tool to join video files, try this free video joiner.

Features of Free Easy Video Joiner:

  • Supports merging of AVI, MPEG (MPG), RM (Real Media) or WMV/ASF (Window Media) video/movie files
  • Supports merging of AVI files(*.avi, *.wav), MPEG-4 and DivX files
  • Supports joining of MPEG files i.e. *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.m2p, *.m1v, *.m2v, *.mp3, *.mpga. It also supports merger of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files
  • It also lets you join Real Media files(*.rm, *.ram)
  • You can even join Windows Media files(*.wmv, *.asf, *.wma)
Free Video Joiner

With Easy Video Joiner, you can not only merge video files but you can rearrange their order as you want. This Free Video Joiner also supports joining of most audio files including mp3, mpga, rm, wma and wav formats. The tool is not only easy to use but also quite fast and stable.

If you would like to merge MPEG-2 files, make sure that the video files you intend to join are playable in Windows Media Player. To join MPEG files, Easy Video Joiner sets the joined mpeg file with the same settings as the first file in your join queue. Thus, if you join several MPEG files with different settings, you can sometimes play only a part of the joined segments in the merged video.Hence, when you join MPEG or RM Video files, make sure that they have the same frame rate and aspect or the joined video may not be played normally.

If you experience difficulties in reading or joining videos in AVI formats, it could be that the proper codec can’t be detected. You can get all the essential Windows Codecs in Windows Essential Codec Pack. You can also download DivX Codecs for DivX formats.

Easy Video Joiner is available for free download. Download Free Easy Video Joiner from here and give it a try.

After downloading it, register the software using the information provided here.

You could instead try Kate’s Video Joiner, which is another free Video Joiner

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