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Get to watch and broadcast live streaming videos using “Stream Torrent“.This is a free application based on P2P technology that lets users worldwide to both watch and broadcast live television channels and videos in sports, entertainment, movies, education and more.

Like most other P2P apps, stream torrent is helped by several thousand users worldwide.This lets you watch and broadcast live streaming videos online.”Stream Torrent” is a great free way to watch your favorite sports, entertainment and education channels online.Whether it be Sky sports, ESPN or any other sports channel or Discovery, National Geographic or any other education channels, they are all available for you via stream torrent.

How to watch streaming video and television channels live online?

Stream Torrent is not only free but it has a simple interface.The following is a guide to watch your favorite channels via stream torrent.

  • 1. Free download Stream Torrent from the google groups for stream torrent here and extract the contents to a folder
  • 2. Double click the application’s installer to install it on your PC
  • 3. Then, double click the stream torrent icon on your desktop to open the stream torrent app or open it through the programs menu
  • 4. Click the “Search” button
stream torrent search channels
  • 5. A search dialog pops up and you can choose any category of streaming videos to watch, from the keyword drop-down.Then, press the “Search” button
Streaming video category
  • 6. All currently available streaming video channels are listed in a table below. You can find the channel name, gene,bit-rate, quality (perfect, no signal, bad, worst etc), and the audience (Few, normal, many)
Watch live streaming video
  • 7. After choosing a channel to watch, click the Open button to watch it live via the stream torrent media player.You can also add the channels to your personal menu and open any of them with a double click.

You can also watch the live streaming video in full screen mode and adjust the volume to your liking.Enjoy watching several hundred live streaming video channels online for free by downloading and using the free P2P application Stream Torrent. However, like any other P2P application, the quality and stability depends upon the number of people watching a video channel and your network speed and performance.

If you are fond of music, you can also capture the streaming audio for free.

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