3D Desktop Software Bumptop acquired by google

3D Desktop software Bumptop has made a big announcement – “Bumptop has been acquired by Google”! Bumptop is one of the popular and most widely used 3D desktop software for windows.They also had a Mac version but the 3D desktop for windows was definitely a favorite and cool software, to get a 3D Desktop On Windows 7, vista or XP.It isn’t clear yet on what google plans to do with Bumptop but Google will definitely like to extent this 3D software for its android powered mobile phones as well.

BumpTop’s physical effects were even more effective and cool on a Touchscreen or a Tablet PC as you may flick through piles, toss icons at widgets to get stuff done, use fluid gestures to advance photo slideshows or manipulate stuff. Google will definitely plan to extend this to its mobile phones and to its browser as well, if possible. We will have to wait for some more time to understand what google will do to Bumptop.

If you didn’t have a copy of the free Bumptop, you will do well to download it now as Bumptop will be available for free download for only one more week.

If you are on vista or XP, you can also try another free software to apply 3D desktop background (theme) on your windows vista/XP.

You can also try this free 3D Desktop for windows 7, xp and vista.

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