3D Desktop For windows

Earlier we covered Shock Desktop 3D, a freeware that gives a 3D Desktop Background in windows vista or windows XP. BumpTop is another cool alternative to get a 3D Desktop in Windows 7, vista or XP.

Features of BumpTop, a 3D Desktop For windows

BumpTop lets you manage files and Windows icons in a total 3D environment. With Bumptop, files behave like real-life objects, which you can throw against windows, hang from walls and pile up in stacks according to different criteria.You can even grab, toss, pile and sort your icons and watch them respond with stunning lifelike motion simulated with Nvidia PhysX, a gaming grade physics engine. Your flat desktop will pop with BumpTop’s saucy 3D visuals and new organization possibilities.

BumpTop has an elegant, intuitive gesture system that lets you reduce keystrokes. The user can gesture in any direction with the dynamic Pie Menu to instantly invoke a command. Or lasso select and manipulate items in a single, fluid stroke with the LassoMenu. BumpTop’s walls and background are totally customizable and you can choose from a wide range of user created themes.You can also impress your friends and others with stunning slide-shows that smoothly zooms from one photo to the next.

3D Desktop BackGround

BumpTop’s physical effects are even more captivating on a touchscreen or a Tablet PC as you may flick through piles, toss icons at widgets to get stuff done, use fluid gestures to advance photo slide-shows or manipulate stuff.

With BumpTop, sharing pictures with your social networks is as easy as tossing them at the Facebook, Twitter or Email widget and they are automatically uploaded in a single step. Tossing makes interacting efficient and fun. Just toss docs onto the printer to print them, into the recycle bin to delete or onto a pile to add them.

BumpTop works on windows 7, windows vista and windows XP. However, being graphic oriented, it needs high system requirements that includes a 1.8GHZ Processor, 1.0 GB Memory, Intel 915 integrated graphics or Nvidia GeForce 6200 or ATI X300 or better with updated drivers, 15 MB Free Space, 800×600 Screen resolution, OpenGL 2.0 Driver Support and Internet connection for Activation.

Free Download BumpTop, a 3D Desktop For windows from CNET here and enjoy.

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