3D Photos – How to make 3D pictures or wallpapers?

This is a tutorial for even the noobs to make a 3D photo or 3D picture easily, using their camera and a free online service! You can set up these 3D photos as 3D wallpapers or 3D screensavers.
Do you want to create or make a 3D photo? Here is a tutorial on making your own 3D photos easily. Yes it is now easy and anyone can make 3D photos in under 3 minutes! Are you wondering how? Read on.

3D view had been fascinating people a lot.Whether it is a 3D movie or a 3D TV, people seem to like a three dimensional view of any object they see.Infact they see objects in 3D mode in real life and they would obviously like to watch pictures or photos in 3D, even on a 2D surface like the computer screen.Now, what is needed to create a 3D photo?

First, decide on what you want to capture in your 3D photo.Make sure that the object (which could even be a pretty lady) sits still.It is important that the subject of your 3D photo is able to remain still, as you will need to capture two photos that are identical.The two photos should be captured from different positions i.e. capture a photo and then move your camera by about 3 inches and click the next snap of your subject. One photo is for the left eye view and the other is for the right eye view.But let me repeat, – you will have to ensure that the two photos are as identical as possible.

You can use any digital camera to capture the pictures.An SLR will be good for pictures of good quality and depth.Likewise, you may use a tripod, to capture your subject with your camera still.But an SLR or a tripod is good to have and not a must, to make your 3D pictures.You can even buy a 3D digital camera and take a stereo photo of your subject.

Once you have the best pair of identical photos of your subject (i.e. photos taken with camera positions that are 3 inches apart), upload the photos from your camera on to your PC.Then upload your photos to Start 3D.This is free online service that converts your identical pictures into a great 3D photo! You will however need to register yourselves with a valid email address, to use this free service.If you like the 3D photo, you can even order a few prints online and it will be delivered to your address! Start 3D claims that their process does indeed use all the interpolated views used on their website to create an enhanced multi-view 3D image, if you order prints from them while most other online photo print services use only the two views from your camera.

Watch this 3D photo generated @ Start 3D.

Enjoy making your own 3D photos. You can even set up these 3d pictures as wallpapers or 3D screensavers on your PC.

Also find out how to create 3D photo slideshows or apply 3D desktop background on your windows desktop.You can even download a great free 3D desktop software called bumptop, now acquired by google.

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  1. Guys, that free service that he mentioned works great for newbies. It is easy to use and has all the basic functions to edit and render images with good pixel quality.


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