5 Cool Online Painting Apps

5 Cool Apps to Paint Online

– Here we present a list of 5 free apps to paint online. If you do have kids at home, encourage them to give life to their imaginations, by playing around with these ultra cool tools.

Sumo Paint

When it comes to online painting tools, sumopaint.com is undoubtedly the best one on the web. This browser based online drawing tool and image editor gives you almost all the tools that you find in adobe photoshop for free!

Using it is pretty simple.First, launch the sumo editor in your browser.If you do like to edit a photo, simply upload it from your computer through “File” => “Open from My Computer”.If you have the image online, you could open it by simply specifying its URL! Sumo gives all the tools that you do get in photoshop and you can use them as you like. The editor is quite fast and convenient to use. Once you are done with your image editing, you can download it to your computer.

You can also use it as an online paint tool, as it gives you a large number of drawing and shape tools as well! Here is how you can get started with painting online using Sumo.

  • 1. Open the Sumo online paint editor in your browser
  • 2. Choose a brush and adjust its styles and other options
  • 3. Next, choose a color from the swatches and tweak it to your liking with the Color Picker
  • 3) Draw your imagination.

That is it.

paint online with sumo

If you do want to use “Undo” or “Redo”, press ctrl+Z and ctrl+Y or click the arrow buttons at the bottom of the Tools panel. There are a number of ways that you can work with Sumo Paint and you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.


Sketchpad is another cool online paint editor with some neat tools to give life to your imagination. Though it is not an image editor like photoshop, it does have some decent painting tools that you would love. Give it a go.



Flashpaint is another free online paint tool that you can use to draw or paint online. This flash based tool has an editing grid which helps you make some neat drawings. Though it has limited number of tools, they are not the usual ones that you find on any other paint editor. You will have to play with the tools to get used to them.

You can also save your drawings to your computer or send them to a public gallery of theirs.



Slimber is another free online drawing application that allows users to draw online, replay and save their drawings. Users can also rate, comment and share drawings. Check out Slimber.


Sketch and Paint

Sketch and Paint is another free online paint tool! It is a simple paint tool with some basic drawing and coloring tools. Here is how to use it.

  • 1. Open Sketch and Paint editor in your browser [link]
  • 2. Next, choose a color from the palette at the bottom and tweak its opacity.
  • 3. Choose a brush option – soft, sharp or wide rotating. You can also adjust the size, pressure, diffusion, scatter and brush rotation properties by clicking on the horizontal bars at the bottom. For example, the brush size will be the largest when you select the entire bar. Choosing a partial bar will diminish the brush size.
  • 3) Then, start drawing on the editor
Sketch and Paint

After you complete the drawing, you can save it by choosing “File” => “Save” from the toolbar on the right. You can also download this tool to your computer from here!

Enjoy the free online painting apps!

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