AAC to MP3 Converter (Free)

M4a to MP3 Converter is a free software to to convert AAC to MP3, M4A to MP3 or MP4 to MP3 formats.

Since most audio players support MP3 format and MP3 is also considered to be an universal standard for digital audio, it is useful to download a free MP3 Converter to convert files unsupported by your favorite audio players into MP3 format.

Once you have the MP3 file, you can play it on almost any audio or music player on your computer or any other portable device. It is not only easy to play the MP3 file using any media player but you can also burn MP3s to any CD and caryy the CDs with you wherever you go. MP3 files will play on almost any modern CD player.

But, what if you have songs in M4A, AAC, MP4 or M4B file formats and your favorite audio player does not support it? You don’t have to worry as M4a to MP3 Converter is here to ease your job of converting AAC, M4a, MP4 audio, M4b (audio books), and some other MPEG-4 based audio formats to either the universally supported MP3 format or the uncompressed WAV format, which can then be converted to other formats.

AAC to MP3 Converter (Free)

Features of Free M4a to MP3 Converter:

M4a to MP3 Converter is not only free but it has a very user friendly interface. To convert any M4A or AAC file to an MP3 file, drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer in your computer to the software’s interface and then click the “Convert” button. You may alternative press F5 on your computer’s keyboard to trigger the conversion. You may also use the “Add Files…” button to add multiple files from any folder in your computer and convert them in batches.

Before initiating the conversion, you may adjust audio quality parameters like bit rate, frequency and Mode (i.e. Stereo or Mono) for the MP3 output. To set up these parameters, click the “Setup…” button that you may find towards the bottom right of the interface.

There is even a free audio player built within this freeware.After loading the files to its interface, you can choose any one of them and click the button labeled “Play…” to play the audio, listen and enjoy.You thus get a free audio player, that can play files AAC and M4a files, along with a MP3 converter.

  • Converts any AAC, M4A, M4B (audio books), MP4 or 3GP audio file to MP3 or uncompressed WAV format.
  • Provides support for batch conversion.
  • Has a friendly and intuitive interface.
  • MP4 audio converter.
  • 3GP audio converter.
  • Provides a built-in audio player that can play any of the supported input files.
  • All meta tags are automatically copied from the source files to the output files (MP3 files).

Free download M4a to MP3 Converter from here and enjoy converting to mp3 format!

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