Alt + Tab Replacement Power Toy for windows

Do Alt + Tab in windows with this free power toy.Most PC keyboard users use the Alt+Tab key combination to switch between open windows on their desktops. But often they get confused in distinguishing one window from the other,when more than one instance of the same program is open.Here is a software, Alt + Tab Replacement Power Toy for windows, to help you overcome this problem.

Power Toy

Microsoft became aware of this draw-back after releasing the XP operating system and subsequently released a “Power Toy” to resolve this issue. The Power Toy resolves this issue by replacing the program icons with actual screen shots of your open windows. This way you can easily locate the window you wish to switch to, that is immensely useful for eg: when navigating between several SAP windows at one time.

Power Toy

As you can see in the first example above, it is impossible to differentiate between the IE instances and the SAP instances by looking at the icons. In the subsequent example, the screen shot clearly differentiates the windows.

Download Alt + Tab Replacement Power Toy and enjoy the free power toy from microsoft.

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