Download Android 3.0 SDK

Download Android SDK 3.0 (Honeycomb) Preview for windows, Mac and Linux

– We just had an article for the developers on how they could download Android SDK and start developing android apps! Here is more good news for the developers – Android 3.0 SDK Preview is now available for download!

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While developers are already excited about the huge opportunities in android development, Google is continuing to encourage them by giving them access to the new APIs in Android 3.0. This will let them test their apps and get ready for the new set of android devices that will run on this OS for mobile phones and tablets. However, as Google warns, developers will do well to remember that this is just a preview and hence the android 3.0 library will consist of non-final APIs, which might change in behavior or availability in the final release.

What does Android 3.0 SDK Offer?

Android 3.0 is also popularly known as Honeycomb, and this version is more optimized for large screen devices like the tablets (and may be desktops too!), while fixing several known issues with the earlier versions. It also brings with it the new holographic UI, which is vastly improved for navigation, interaction and customization. Android 3.0 also enables improved multi-tasking, with a “Recent Apps” list in the System Bar, helping users to visually jump from one application context to another.

Connectivity is another area where android 3.0 makes a lot of promise, as it will provide built-in support for media Transfer Protocol, for syncing media files through through USB devices. It will also provide improved Wi-Fi connectivity, connectivity through full keyboards and support for Bluetooth tethering.

From a developer’s perspective, android 3.0 SDK introduces modular (reusable) fragments as a building block for building multipane UI! It will also help them jump start their apps, through an updated set of UI widgets, for quickly adding new types of content.

Other improvements include HTTP Live streaming, hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, support for multi-core processor architectures, extensible DRM framework to manage protected content. There are also significant enhancements for building enterprise apps., by supporting policies for encrypted storage, password expiration, password history, and strong password requirements.

Above all, it ensures backward compatibility for existing apps, thereby enabling them to seamlessly upgrade to the new holographic UI theme by just adding a single attribute in their manifest files. Existing apps can also be enhanced to take advantage of the support for large screens (tablets) by creating dedicated layouts and assets for them!

How to download Android SDK 3.0 (Honeycomb) Preview

To download and install android SDK 3.0 preview, you should have already installed the current Android SDK. You can then launch the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” to install Android SDK (Honeycomb) Preview, Tools (revision 9), Platform-Tool (revision 2), documentation and samples for the new SDK API (Preview).

Android 3.0 SDK

Google notifies developers that the current emulator included in the Android 3.0 SDK preview is not optimal in performance and the boot up can take several minutes, depending on your hardware. They however promise to improve upon this in further releases.

Download android 3.0 SDK, develop and test your apps against the more versatile OS.

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