Android Market Webstore is now live

Google Android Market Webstore is now live for OTAWEB install of apps!

– Google has now launched an android market webstore, making it even more easier for users of android devices, to search and download apps to their devices. This was a major announcement from Google during the launch event for Honeycomb (android 3.0), the next android OS.

Until now, android market was only accessible via android devices. However, not all android apps got the visibility to end users, as the market layout focused more on featured apps and popular apps (top downloaded ones). This in no way helped new developers and their products.

Android Market

Google has now made it easy for android users to access the android market directly from the web. The web interface not only makes it easy to search for an app, but also makes it easy for users to share the links of their favorite apps. It also lets the receivers to install the apps to their devices, directly from the web. To install those apps, they need to click on those links and then click “Buy” for a paid app and “Install” for a free app, on the apps page in the android market. They don’t have to tether or sync their devices to the computer! But they have to sign in to their Google accounts.

If you were an android freak owning multiple android devices, you can even select the device where you want to install the app.

All these helps the android developers, as the web is still the most visited place. If you aren’t yet an android developer, find out how you could download android SDK, install and start developing android apps. You could also find out how to download android 3.0 SDK preview.

Introduction of an android market webstore is great for both the developers and the users. Kudos to Google and the android team for providing a seamless way to install apps “Over The Air, From The Web”. We call this OTAWEB install of android apps.

Log on to the android market webstore and enjoy this new way to share and install apps on your android devices.

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