Create animated gifs with UnFREEz

Create animated gifs with the free tool UnFREEz.It is a free animated gif creator for windows that can make gif animations from any number of gif images. UnFREEz is so easy to use and it is a very small application to make animated pictures.

How to create animated gifs with UnFREEz?

free animated gif creation tool
  • Run UnFREEz
  • Drag and drop GIF files from Windows Explorer to the box titled Frames in UnFREEz window.Note that the images should have same dimensions and they should be GIF.
  • After adding all related GIF images, add a delay time to use between frames in centiseconds (1/100th of a second)
  • You can even choose to create an animation loop by checking “Loop animation
  • Click Make Animated GIF
  • Once the animated gif had been created, a save file dialog box will appear, where you can name the animated GIF and save it any location.You can then share via your webpage/blog/mails

That is all folks. Don’t you enjoy this lightweight animated gif creator.

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