Surf anonymously with anonymous surfing tool – GPass

Are you looking for an anonymous proxy tool to surf, bypassing internet censorship? Here is a free proxy tool called GPass, that lets you surf anonymously.If you are one who is concerned about privacy and do not want to leave any personal traces, every time you connect to the Internet, GPass is definitely the tool you may like.

We earlier covered a program called “Trayeverything”, to minimize to tray all windows or programs on your Vista or XP desktop and hide them from your inquisitive team leads.Here is a free proxy tool called GPass, that hides your IP address and encrypts your online communications preventing third parties from tracking your browsing habits.

How does this anonymous proxy tool work?

GPass is an anonymous proxy tool that tunnels all your connections through its own proxy servers and thereby works as a kind of proxy security. This free tool can be easily used by anyone looking for anonymous browsing methods.

Anonymous proxy surfing with GPass

The main interface has a “Tunneled Applications” list.If you want to use any program anonymously, just add it to this list.Or if you want to surf any site via proxy server, add the browser to the list and surf using the browser.

Since GPass routes all connections through their proxy servers, you will experience slow internet connection speeds.But it is definitely a handy to bypass internet censorship or blocking in offices and schools.

GPass works on windows 7, Windows vista and XP and it is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese languages. Get GPass and surf anonymously with this free proxy tool.

Disclaimer: Use this free anonymous proxy tool at your own risk, in offices/schools.

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