Autorun.inf Virus Removal with Ninja Pendisk

These days, USB Memory Sticks are the most popular portable devices to carry information. They are not only small in size but also come in sizes that even let you carry your entire PC with you.

USB Memory Sticks or pen drives are really handy to carry information in your pockets, wherever you go. However, they have also become a media to transmit malicious virus files such as “autorun.inf” and “ctfmon.exe“. This is where free software like Ninja Pendisk help. This small tool is designed for protecting computers against viruses transmitted by USB pen drives.

How to remove Autorun.inf Virus?

Ninja Pendisk is so easy to use and it neither requires any installation nor any configuration . When you launch the program, it sits unobtrusively on the system tray. Whenever you connect a USB device, Ninja Pendisk scans it for malicious content and removes them, if necessary.

It also immunizes your USB memory stick and creates a folder called autorun.inf, with special protection permissions. This protects your pen drive from getting infected again, when plugged on to virus infected computers.

If you are a frequent user of USB memory sticks, you can even Select the option “Add to windows start up”, to start Ninja Pendisk on windows start up. Though Ninja does not require any configuration, it does provide sever options to customize the program. These options can be found inside a text file called “ninja.txt”, which also contains the database of dangerous files and actions to be taken to immunize pen drives.

Free download Ninja Pendisk and remove Autorun Virus and other viruses transmitted via Pen drives.

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