Avast registration to get free license key

Avast registration to get free avast license key

– We had earlier reviewed the avast free antivirus. While the latest version is avast 6, the earlier version avast 4.8 is a free antivirus download for windows xp. Both avast 5.0 and avast 4.8 are one of the best free antivirus software for windows 7, windows xp and vista.

Avast Registration to get free license key

We have been receiving a lot of emails recently on how to get the free avast license key. Though avast 4.8 and avast 6.0 free antivirus are available as free downloads, you will have to register them for getting a free 1 year license. Unless the free product is registered, you cannot continue to use it beyond 30 days, after installation, in trial mode. However, avast Home 4.8 can be used for 60 days in trial mode. Registration is free and simple. You will have to give a valid email address and fill in a few other details to get the free license key by email, within 24 hours after registration. You then need to enter the license key in the program to continue to use it after the trial period.

You can register your free avast antivirus here:

Register your free avast to get license key

Within 24 hours of your free avast registration, you will get a avast license key to the registered email address.If you don’t find one in your email inbox, check your spam or junk folders for any email from avast. Once you find the email, open it. Find and copy the avast license key. Then, right click the blue avast icon in the system tray, on the task-bar, at the bottom right corner of your windows desktop. Click “About avast” => “License key” and paste the license key. That is it! You can continue to use the avast free antivirus for 1 year.

If you haven’t yet installed avast, check out the avast free download.

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