AVG 2011 Update sends Windows into an indefinite loop

AVG 2011 update crashes Windows 7 and Vista too (64 bit and 32-bit)

– Ever since AVG released its new version – AVG 2011, the anti-virus company seem to be having bad times. We earlier reported a bug in AVG 2011 and a recent update to AVG 2011 has crashed several computers running Windows 7 and in some cases Vista too.

AVG recently pushed a buggy update (3292), causing Windows 7 64-bit computers to go into an infinite loop. There are even reports of the same update crashing Windows Vista and 32-bit windows 7 as well. This bug has affected all AVG antivirus products, including the free AVG 2011. Though AVG has apologized for the inconvenience caused, this update has definitely made people to look for other antivirus solutions.

AVG was once a popular free anti-virus product for home users and people simply loved the free AVG 8.0, AVG 8.5 and the AVG 9.0 versions. But in recent years, AVG users were not happy with the way that it forced certain unwanted stuff along with the core product. This update has further damaged the reputation of AVG and it will definitely take a lot of work for it to gain back its reputation.

How to fix the issue caused by AVG 2011 update?

If you haven’t yet downloaded the recent update, you are safe. You don’t have to do anything as AVG has already removed the buggy update from its servers. If you have already downloaded it or applied it, AVG has suggested a few solutions to fix this issue. You can read them on their blog – AVG fix for computers running on Windows 7 64-bit platform.

If you are looking for alternatives to AVG 2011, here are some best free antivirus software for your Windows computer.

If you are interested in a paid solution, you can also free download Kaspersky antivirus trial version to test it. If your system is already infected with viruses, you can use the free Kaspersky Rescue Disk to restore your PC from viruses. You can also download the free Norton removal tool to clean the viruses on your PC.

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