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Download AVG Free Anti-virus Edition 2011 – This latest version of the popular anti-virus protection tool is now available for free download. It has several improvements over the preceding AVG free 9.0 anti-virus edition. The current versions of AVG offer protection to users when they are on social networks.

These days, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are where people hang out on the Internet. However, the threats of malicious software and links are more on social sites and people need to be more cautious, when they click on links or download any photos, videos or software shared by their friends. To protect users from these new threats, AVG 2011 has introduced a new social protection module in all its antivirus editions. This module scans all shared links for any potential threats.

There is also a new “smart scanning” feature in AVG 2011 Free antivirus edition. It has been named “smart scanning” as it controls the way AVG works i.e. Scanning is predominantly done when the computer is not in use and it runs at a lower priority when the computer is busy. It is thus designed to improve PC performance, without slowing it down when you need it the most.

Features of AVG 2011 Free Antivirus Edition:

  • AVG Antivirus 2011 Core Protection – Core protection is offered by the antivirus and anti-spyware components. The antivirus component scans all files and file activity for known viruses. It uses heuristics to detect any new viruses. All detected viruses are blocked from any kind of activity and are later cleaned or quarantined. The anti-spyware component scans all applications in the background, for detecting any kind of malicious threats transmitted via E-mail or websites.
  • AVG Resident Shield – AVG resident protection module loads into the computer memory during system startup and offers continuous protection. It runs in the background, scanning all files and file activities for possible threats and also guards the system area of the computer.
  • Rootkits, also known as trojans, hide the presence of any malicious software on the computer. AVG Anti-rootkit component offers protection against these dangerous threats, based on a set of pre-defined rules. It is however important to remember that rootkits are not detected during the normal virus scans and one should manually run this component, through the main interface for scanning applications, DLLs and drivers.
  • E-mail scanner scans all incoming and outgoing e-mails and their attachments for viruses.When viruses are detected, they are automatically quarantined. However, scanning of outgoing e-mails are turned off by default.
  • AVG Link Scanner – Link scanners provides two kinds of shields. AVG search shield indicates whether a website can be trusted or not by rating all links in search results. AVG surf shield scans web pages in real time for identifying any threats, before the page is downloaded by the browser, and prevents you from visiting any harmful sites.
  • AVG update manager lets you schedule the updates and also run the updates on demand, whenever you want. It offers two levels of updates i.e. updates to virus definitions database and program level updates for any new fixes and improvements in the program. AVG also keeps you updated of all the latest threats through the “AVG Community Protection Network” and “AVG Protective Cloud Technology”.

Installation Requirements for Free AVG 2011:

AVG 2011 free edition offers protection to the following operating systems.

  • All editions of Windows Vista (x86 and x64).
  • All editions of Windows 7 (x86 and x64).

AVG 2011

AVG Free 2011 32-bit Edition and 64-bit Edition – Download.

How to install AVG 2011 Free Edition on Windows 7 or Vista or XP?

AVG Insaller

Like in the previous editions, AVG 2011 offers two kinds of installation options – Quick and custom.


Quick install is recommended for the average computer user as it installs the software with a standard configuration. This offers optimal protection for most computer users.

Custom installation is meant for those advanced users who prefer to configure the system as they want i.e. they may choose the destination folder for installing the anti-virus software.

AVG custom install options

In addition, they may also choose to install or not to install components like the additional languages, email scanner, link scanner and identity protection.

AVG Custom Install components

After choosing one of the install options, the wizard will prompt you with a dialog for installing the AVG security toolbar. This helps in providing comprehensive protection, while surfing the internet. The dialog also provides an option to choose AVG secure search as the default search service. These two options are selected by default and you may choose not to select them, by deselecting the respective options.

AVg Security toolbar

On clicking “NEXT”, the software is installed on the computer with a dialog showing the progress of the installation. At the end of the installation, you will be prompted with a dialog confirming the successful installation and a registration form for keeping you informed of the latest security news and offers from AVG. You may also choose to opt in for the web safety and product improvement program, if you want.

After installation, AVG 2011 runs in the background and starts protecting the computer. If everything is working properly, the main window of AVG interface will display a large green icon in the security status information section on top. If there are any configuration issues, the status is indicated by an yellow icon and and critical issues are indicated by a red icon.

If your computer is already infected by viruses, you could use the free AVG Removal Tool or the Norton Removal Tool to remove the viruses and clean up the computer. We also recommend you to run the AVG anti-rootkit component manually since this is not run during the scheduled virus scans.


  • Free software that protects the computer on a continuous basis.
  • Ideal for home use for the average computer user.


  • Raises some false positives.
  • Rootkits are not monitored as part of the scheduled virus scans.

Other AVG Antivirus Downloads

Download AVG 2011 Free Antivirus edition and enjoy free virus protection on your personal computers. If your usage requirements demand more comprehensive protection, you can also buy their premium security products like AVG 2011 Internet Security and AVG Antivirus 2011. You can even download a trial edition and test their capabilities, before you choose to buy them. Experience the best and the most complete Windows security software from AVG.

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  1. I always used avg on my PC and I am satisfied with it.

  2. I never tried the pro edition. AVG 2011 free edition was good enough for me.

  3. AVG has become too bloated these days.AVG 9.0 was somewhat better.I now use avast antivirus and it is very good on my pc.

  4. AVG 2011 did cause some issues on my computer when i first tried it.I then moved to avast free antivirus.Has avg corrected the problems?

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