Avira Antivirus Free Download

Free Download Avira Antivirus

Download free avira antivirus (antivir personal 2011 edition) security software and enjoy the next generation malware protection on your PC. This free antivirus software offers several new features and innovations that makes it easy for PC user to fight malware and safeguard their PC.

Avira antivir 10 (Avira 10) Features

Avira antivir 10 introduces the following new features.

  • Behavior-based protection with AntiVir ProActiv. This behavioral blocking component monitors all programs and whenever any suspicious behavior is detected with a program, it is immediately blocked.
  • Enhanced security using the intelligence share by the Avira community on any emerging viruses
  • Generic repair of registry data and infected files
  • Express installation, transparent user interface and one-click removal feature
  • Parental Control including control over Internet surfing hours

The following functions are offered by avira antivirus 2011 (Personal) free antivirus solution.

  • AntiVir protection against viruses, worms and Trojan
  • Anti-spyware protection against spyware and adware
  • Anti-rootkit protection against hidden rootkits
  • Quick Removal – eliminates viruses at the push of a button
  • Netbook Support for laptops with low resolution
  • AHEAD Technology detects unknown viruses by profiles
  • Generic Repair – automatic repair of your PC
  • Express Installation – install Avira in just 5 clicks
  • Avira Support to answer any of your questions.

The following additional functions are offered by the Avira Antivir Premium version.

  • Anti-phishing protection against phishing
  • AntiVir ProActiv detects unknown viruses by behavior
  • Web-Guard protection against malicious websites
  • Rescue System creates a bootable rescue CD
  • Anti-drive-by stops malware downloads while surfing
  • Email Scanner scans incoming and outgoing emails

Avira Antivir Security Suite provides Avira AntiVir Premium features plus the following additional features.

  • Anti-spam to filter out unwanted and phishing emails,
  • Firewall protection against hackers,
  • Anti-bot that prevents dangerous bot networks,
  • Game Mode for uninterrupted game play,
  • Backup system to save your important data and
  • Parental Control that provides web access filter and scheduler

Avira Antivir 10 (Avira 10) also provides an improved user interface with Color coding to detect the system health at-a-glance! Green indicator means everything is OK and red signals that user attention is required. Slide-ups are deployed when the real-time scanner detects a problem. These are discreet information boxes that slide up in the corner of the screen. Malware findings are displayed in a summary report and access to suspect files is blocked automatically, making it impossible to accidentally run infected files. Suspicious files can be removed with just one mouse-click and the program will also try to repair the system.

Download Avira 10 (Avira Antivir 10) from official avira website here and get the latest and greatest protection for your PC with the ultimate free antivirus solution from Avira – Avira 10! Note that Users can even get the Avira antivir premium free for a limited time, by registering their names and email addresses.

If you are looking to manually update virus definition files for avira antivirus you will find this guide on Avira Update useful!

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