Backup Files and Data To Email Accounts

Are you running out of hard disk space on your PC? or are you looking for free easy option to backup files, folders and any other data on your PC? Here is Backup2Email to back up files, folders or any other data on your PC to Email accounts that offer unlimited storage space.

This free File backup software is excellent for home users of PC to backup data to online storage like mail servers. Even if you do backups to storage media like CDs and DVDs, it is very useful to do backup to mail servers and keep them labeled. Thereby you get access to your information, wherever you go! It also serves as an alternate backup and recovery solution for your files, in case your backup media like CDs or DVDs get corrupted. Of-course, you can use a CD or DVD Recovery tool to recover the data.But this backup solution provides an easier option to recover data.

However, the disadvantage of backing up data to mail servers is hackers can steal your data, in case your email account is compromised.Hence it is extremely vital to have strong passwords for you email accounts.It is also important to access them via secure connections and from secure locations. If you use Gmail, you can read these articles on how to enhance Gmail account security and how to detect whether your Gmail account has been hacked, with Activity Monitor?

Features of free Files Backup software – Backup2Email:

  • Backup folders or files to email accounts
  • Backup folders/files to a local folder
  • Automatic file compression before backup
  • Define file filters to exclude some files
  • Define multiple backup schedules
  • Password Protect compressed files

How to backup files to Email accounts?

  • Define a folder in your computer to store the the files
  • Associate an e-mail account with the defined folder and check the box “Enable Backup to Email”

That is all! Backup2Email will automatically backup everything in your defined folder and send it to your email account. The data is transferred in encrypted and compressed formats. You can find the backup mails in your inbox with the subject line Bak2Email_<foldername>.

Backup2Email works on Windows 7, windows XP and Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions). However you need to have a 64 MB RAM and .NET Framework 2.0 or above on your PC, for software to work properly.Free download Backup2Email from this CNET link and enjoy free file and data backups.

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