Backup and restore windows drivers with DriverBackup

Backup drivers in windows XP (and earlier versions) with DriverBackup. This is a free software to backup all drivers on your PC/computer system running windows.

Earlier we covered Drivermax to backup windows drivers and restore them. DriverBackup is another free option to backup and restore windows drivers.

PC users running windows XP backup all important data (documents and files).The backup is a protection against accidental system crashes.However many do not realize, that it is equally important to backup all your windows XP drivers.In the event of a PC crash, the windows operating system is reinstalled along with all hardware and software applications.For hardware installations, you would need to reinstall the appropriate drivers from the respective CDs.

But what if the CDs were lost or misplaced? You would then have to borrow the driver CDs from your friends or you would have to download them from internet through the respective sites.But there is no guarantee that you will be able to get all the appropriate drivers.

However with DriverBackup, you can easily and quickly make a copy of all the drivers currently installed on your PC running windows XP or any earlier version.

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How to backup windows drivers with DriverBackup?

  • Free download DriverBackup
  • Unzip the contents to any desired location on your PC/computer system
  • Double click DriverBackup exe
  • Click Start Backup button

You can either choose to backup all drivers or just the OEM or Third party drivers.You can even select individual drivers to backup.However it would be ideal if you have atleast one full back up of all windows drivers on a CD/DVD or any other PC.

You can even restore the windows drivers from backup with DriverBackup, a free user-friendly tool. Enjoy windows driver backup and restoration with DriverBackup .

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