Batch rename files in windows with Ken Rename

Batch rename files in windows vista/XP with the free multi-file rename utility – Ken Rename.This is a very handy tool for batch renaming files in windows and is simple to use.

Ken Rename is a complete renaming tool that can even be embedded into Windows File Explorer and used directly from any folder’s context menu.

How to batch rename files?

Add all the files you want to rename to Ken Rename’s interface.Then choose the renaming options, using the menu at the bottom.You can choose to change case or replace character strings, insert or remove text, or replace the original name with a completely new one and apply several other filters. Infact you can add several actions to a list and execute them all at once with a single click.

batch rename files

Features of batch rename file utility:

  • Use macro to edit
  • Filter files with macro
  • Use multi-actions to rename and can chage order
  • Create a numbered file list
  • Convert to upper or lowercase
  • Replace a string with a different string
  • Use regular expression with Replace
  • Keep only certain letters of the file name
  • Remove a string between 2 string or before or after a string
  • Can undo rename
  • Unicode support
  • Convert of code page
  • ID3V1 ID3V2 support
  • EXIF and MP3 support
  • Set File Attribute
  • Multi-Language support
  • Select directory in file explorer with context menu
  • Preview rename results are shown immediately
  • Export and import rename file list
  • Supports hidden files, read-only files and system files

However tag based renaming requires that your files are properly tagged. Free download this batch rename file utility and make your file renaming tasks simpler .

3 comments on “Batch rename files in windows with Ken Rename

  1. I have not used Ken Rename – but I did use CK Rename when I was in windows. Its a very easy to use software.

    If you are a linux user, I will recommend KRename.

  2. This is such a gr8 software… soo simple… took me about 2 mins to download, install, setup and rename my first folder of music files!!


  3. I echo what @Flames said. I *love* this program!

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