How to manage your blackberry from windows vista desktop

Sync your BlackBerry on to your windows vista/XP operated PC with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.This is a free application and is a must have software for blackberry users with windows vista/XP driven PC/computer/laptop.

Once you have the connection and data folder settings in place, you are all set to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.It has a very user friendly interface and lets you back up and share files, install new applications and sync up your contact list, messages and tasks between blackberry device and windows vista/XP.This windows application for blackberry, have icons that lead to wizard based interface, for carrying out any of the syncing tasks.

You can even filter the important email messages on your BlackBerry smartphone by key words and message fields or create an auto signature, to be included in the body of mails you send.

Manage blackberry in windows vista

If you are a music/film buff, you can use BlackBerry Media Sync to transfer your desktop iTunes music files on to your blackberry or you can use Roxio Media Manager6 to manage your video and music files

BlackBerry Desktop Manager is 200 MB in size but is worth downloading.If you are not registered with Blackberry site, register now and start downloading the tool from here.Before downloading, check out the compatibility of your blackberry smartphone here.

Enjoy managing your blackberry smartphones on windows vista/XP desktops.

Also check out the free Master control program to completely control blackberry on windows XP and vista.

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  1. These are some great simple tips, for those with a BlackBerry, and Vista.

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