Blu Mag WordPress Theme

Blu Mag is a blue theme, with sliding menus, featured posts and sliding tabs. It is a Search Engine friendly theme, with widgetized sidebars and footers.

Blu Mag is easily customizable and you get the maximum control over the theme’s layout. The Footers, Featured Posts section and Thumbnails can be easily disabled or enable through the Theme Options Page.

Thumbnails in Home and other archive pages are created using the first image uploaded for a post. Hence, make sure that you first upload the appropriate image for every post. But don’t worry, in case you uploaded the wrong image first.Simply delete all the uploaded images for a post and upload them in the right order.

Blu Mag WordPress Theme:

Blu Mag WordPress Theme

Blu Mag is SEO-optimized, ad-ready, WordPress 2.7 compatible with widgetized sidebars and footer.It is a pro theme and is suitable for blogs or websites in any niche.

Features of Blu Mag WordPress Theme:

  • 3-column Theme with clean layout and less clutter
  • Featured Posts
  • Multi level sliding menus
  • Automatic thumbnails of first uploaded image of Posts, in Home page and other archives
  • SEO optimized CSS layout
  • Gravatar Ready Theme with support for an attrative Comments layout. You will have to enable “show Avatars” under Discussion Settings in WordPress admin
  • Social Media integration
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.7 and earlier versions
  • Easily spiderable, structured navigation
  • W3C XHTML and CSS Validated theme


You can find these in the theme’s ReadMe.txt as well.

Where can I find the Theme Options Page?

You can find the Theme Options Page under Appearance folder on your WordPress Admin Menu Bar. It will have the title “Blu Mag Options”.

How to mark posts as Featured Posts?

Create a category by title “Featured”. Add every Post to an appropriate category and if you want to display it under Featured Posts Section,add it to “Featured” Category as well. Once it is done, all the latest Featured Posts will be displayed under “Featured” section in the Home Page.

How many posts can be displayed as Featured Posts?

In the Theme Options Page, you can set the number of Posts to be shown as Featured Posts. But decide on an optimal number (taking performance into consideration).

How to display medium sized images in Featured Posts?

Go to Settings –> Media and set Max width for Medium size as 300. Then, in the Theme Options Page (“Blu Mag options”), check the option “Display medium sized image for Featured Posts”.

Note that by default, thumbnail images are shown for Featured Posts.

How to Change the Top Header Banner?

You can easily change top header banner by replacing banner.jpg file under Images folder (in the theme) with your own banner. But name your banner as banner.jpg
go to the stylesheet (style.css) in the theme folder, search for #head-bottom section and replace banner.jpg under background property with your banner name.

How to place my ads on the sidebars?

Open sidebar.php and there are provisions for a 300×250 ad and a 120×600 ad in the form of images.Replace them with your corresponding ad scripts.

How to convert Blu Mag into a 2-column Theme?

In the Theme Options Page, disable Middle sidebar and the theme is automatically converter into a 2-column theme with a single right sidebar.

How to modify tab content in the sidebar tabbed widget?

It is very simple.Take a backup of sidebar.php. Open sidebar.php and check how the existing tabs like category, recent, popular and videos have been added to #sidebar-tabs div. Add your tab content and title it in a similar fashion. Note that the video tab has been commented out, to serve as a guide.

How to add submenus?

Simply create pages and specify the hierarchy (Parent Page) via WordPress admin interface. Blu Mag takes care of creating the sub menus. Blu mag can support even 4 levels of sub menus and higher.

How to add my own videos to the video tab?

The video tab is commented out in the code (sidebar.php). First uncomment the code. If you want to embed your own videos , make sure its width is not more than 300px and set the height correspondingly, in your embed code. Replace the current embed code. You can always remove video tab, if your niche does not require it.

What happens if I disable Footer?

If footer is disabled, then the widegetized footer section will not displayed. However the theme is smart enough to retain your blog’s Copyright section.

Enjoy free Blu Mag WordPress Theme .

36 comments on “Blu Mag WordPress Theme

  1. Nice theme..
    I’ve already downlod and try to customize it on localhost..but, I have some problem..

    1. I can’t add widget on sidebar bottom..when I add widget on sidebar bottom, it appear on sidebar right..when I add widget on sidebar right, it appear on sidebar left..when I add widget on sidebar left, nothing happened…
    How to fix it?

    2. How to make wp 2.7 threaded comment work on this theme..?

    I hope you can solve my problem ASAP..

    Sorry for my lack English..I hope you Undestood with my request..


  2. Oh yes, there was a small error and I have fixed it. The latest version is now available for download.

    If you open sidebar.php, you will find code for dynamic sidebars.

    You will find dynamic_sidebar(1), dynamic_sidebar(3), dynamic_sidebar(4) and dynamic_sidebar(5). You just have to change it to 1,2,3,4 in the same order. i.e.

    dynamic_sidebar(1), dynamic_sidebar(2), dynamic_sidebar(3) and dynamic_sidebar(4)

  3. Thx for your quick works like a charm..

    Anyway, I have some request about this theme:

    1. Please make wp 2.7 threaded comment work on this theme. (without any plug in)

    2. Make something diffrent when a post is sticky. Ie : Diffrent Color, Sticky Sign,etc..

    3. Separated comment & trackback..

    I hope you can realize it on the next release..or..ASAP.. 😀

    Thx, I really appreciate your hardwork..

  4. I have already done that too…You can download the latest one…I mean threaded comments does not require anyplugin now…You just have to enable threaded comments in your Discussion settings after installing the latest version of the theme…

    2 and 3 are more related to styling. You are free to modify it for your needs.

  5. Cool Theme.. I like the themes simplicity and its cool features 🙂

  6. You are still using an older version. I could confirm that from your comments layout. The latest version supports threaded comments (you should have enabled this option under Settings –> Discussion.

    Also I have seggregated comments from pingbacks/trackbacks and introduced a new option to display medium sized (width: 300px) images in Featured Posts section.

    Two of those CSS validation errors are theme related and they have been fixed. The remaining three CSS errors are introduced by the plugin you use. You check out my demo site for the theme’s CSS validation.

    Download and enjoy.

  7. Thx Rajesh… It works….
    Now, Blu Mag is Perfect… 😀

    U R NO.1

  8. hi rajesh. first of all props on the theme. it’s fantastic. but i can’t seem to get it to work. when i activate the theme, all i get is the header and the title of the first post. (i have featured post function disabled.) the site doesn’t display beyond the title of the first post on the front page or in the single pages. any thoughts? p.s. i tried disabling the plugins, but it didn’t seem to help.

  9. Not sure what the problem is unless I see it on your website. A few users have already installed it and it works without any issues for them.

    apart from my demo site here is another user site:

  10. here is another site that uses Gandhi WordPress theme. I really love the way the user had customized the theme’s header background image.

  11. yeah it’s weird. i tried it on another site and it works just fine. weird. must be something to do with my server, maybe…

  12. Hi
    It is good job. I download your theme and install but I have two problems.
    Firstly, the slide show of features section is not operated.
    As you mentioned it, I make new category “Featured” and two posts is assigned to this category.
    But I can see only first post. Any motion is not done.
    Secondly, the top of the sidebar “category, recent, popular” tab motion is not operated.

    Please help me.

  13. wow this is a very beautiful theme.

  14. nice themes, bro

  15. do you have javascript enabled? From what you say, it looks like it is not enabled on your PC. What is your site address? Let me check it here…

  16. Dear Rajesh
    Thank you for your reply.
    But I can’t understand “javascript enabled”.
    Here is my site
    Please check.

  17. Hi,

    I installed the theme and it works – except the front page. All I get on the front page is this:


    see at –


  18. Never mind – it was a plugin issue. All is working well

  19. James, that is a cool site…Nice to find a teacher using my theme…

  20. I see you using some Post rotating plugin and I believe that plugin causes the issue…You disable that plugin and check the theme.You will have to ask the plugin author for the reasons.

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  22. A very nice theme. but i dont get why i am not able to see the Next and Previous links in the Featured posts.
    please help!

  23. Disable all plugins and try the theme. then enable the plugins, one by one and test. Most plugins are compatible but there may be few unknown ones that you use.For example I see you using quite a few javascript based plugins including copyprotect. Check whether any of them conflicts.

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  25. I deactivated all the plugins and tried. No luck whatsoever. 🙁 ! But whether it works or not, I am not going to change this theme. This theme rocks! 8)

  26. I just deleted, downloaded and uploaded the theme onto the ftp server and edited the theme from the first. And the moment I took the a href # categories, # recent and # popular tags, the navigation buttons disappeared! I thought that those tags were for the category widget that appears by default on the sidebar (Am i right?)
    Anyway, now it is working 🙂 .

    Thanks for the great theme!

  27. I am really, really sorry for the trouble!
    Did not see the disable option in options. extremely sorry.
    Now i got the perfect theme 🙂

  28. yes, your theme and your Pet rocks on your site…

    Yes the reason why i provided easier disable options for sidebar tab widget, etc. is to make life simpler for people who do not find any use for it.they don’t have to tinker with the code…anyway your site looks great now…Rock on…

  29. my blog looks good thanks to you and your theme 🙂
    and btw, the picture of the pup there isnt my dog. i put it up because it was waaaayaaaaay tooo cute to pass by!

  30. Hello Rajesh

    Really cool theme…

    However, I would like to see one small change in the featured posts section. When featured posts are being highlighted, after the last post is highlighted the first post is featured by passing backwards to the fist featured post from the last.
    Instead please make a circular shift, highlight the first featured post after the last featured post just as any other featured post, without going in the backward direction.

  31. Rajesh:

    Thanks for the theme. Just tweaked it for use on my site.

    One thing I’ll like to add, if I can find the time, is to create a second slider (with a smaller height, say, about 70px) for use on a single post page (you’ll see this on a site like Hope someone else beats me to it.


    The circular feature you mentioned is not? supported by the easySlider plugin. I think the Cycle plugin would have been a much better candidate for the slider, as it seems to have more advanced features. Might be a good idea to use it for the proposed single-post slider. An ideal slider, I think, should have a circular motion, and be able to pause on mouse over. I’ll try anf get it done, time permitting.

    Kudos to Rajesh for creating this in the first place

  32. Oh thanks and if you can come up with a good slider, I will be happy to use them on my themes….

  33. but don’t you think that the theme deserves the credit section that you have removed…

  34. The theme gives us “$(“#slider”) is null” error on our primary site ( On the older site it works perfectly.

  35. I think, you have done some customization. The customization to the tab widget on the sidebar has not been done properly and it is causing issues to the Feature posts section.

    In case you don’t want the tabbed sidebar, disable it through the Theme options page rather than manually removing it.

  36. I have uploaded this great theme and everything is working except the slider. I have a Featured category and put some posts in it but all I have is a blank space where the slider should be. It was working perfectly under 2.7 but upgraded to 2.7.1 today and that did it :-(. Any idea what went wrong? Also, can you tell me what is meant by multi level sliding menus ?

  37. Hello,

    I had been using this theme (BluMag) for well over 6 months, in fact I had it on 3 of my websites, simply because I liked it so much !

    However I made a rather startling discovery a week or so back, I found that for some strange reason the only H tags that seem to be working are the for the title of the blog & as headings in the sidebar ! Any or tags appear to be stripped out of the post / article. Yet when I reload the article into wordpress header to check, the tags are indeed there and functioning correctly as far as displaying on the screen. However they are not there or not displaying when viewed by a search engine.

    Can you please explain what is going on here…???


  38. Steve h2 and h3 tags does work on posts…check out this post on blumag –
    I have used h2 and h3 tags in the post for the FAQ.

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