Blackberry calendar sync and contact sync with google sync

sync your blackberry’s built-in calendar and address book with Google Calendar and Gmail contacts with Google sync.This is a free sync software for blackberry devices that makes synchronizing Google Calendar events and Gmail contacts easy .

Cloud computing and software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lets you carry out your work, wherever you are. These technologies ease accessibility to information, from anywhere, with any device that can connect to internet.

Earlier we covered cloud computing desktop – gladinet, and this article is on Google sync, that lets you access your address book at any time and place that you need it. Thus you can easily and quickly get Gmail contacts to your BlackBerry smartphone.

You can access your Google calendar, even when you don’t have network coverage, using BlackBerry smartphone’s native calendar, with sync. Thereby, you can be automatically alerted for upcoming appointments with sound or vibration, as it runs in the background, while you attend to other tasks.

Google sync offers two-way synchronization between your blackberry and Google applications. Thus your calendar and contacts stay synchronized whether you access it from your computer or your smartphone. You can even add or edit contacts or calendar entries right on your BlackBerry smartphone or through your Google account on the web.

Go to from your BlackBerry browser and enjoy contact sync and calendar sync with Google accounts .

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