WordPress Canonical Redirect for 404 Errors

WordPress Canonical Redirect for 404 Errors

Do you know that WordPress does a Canonical Redirect for URLs that return a 404 Page Not Found HTTP Error Status Code? WordPress does this …

Redirection in WordPress

Redirection in WordPress

There are several ways to accomplish a URL Redirection in WordPress. If you are on Apache, you may either directtly use the server configuration file, …

404 Error: What Page Not Found Means & How to Handle It

404 Error: What Page Not Found Means & How to Handle It

“404, Page Not Found” is a response status code that most web users would have encountered while browsing an URL on any Website in the …

HTTP Redirection and Status Codes – 301, 302, 307, 308

HTTP Redirection and Status Codes - 301, 302, 307, 308

Redirection is a technique where users visiting a page through one URL is taken to a page identified by another URL. This is technically called …

Facebook Optimization Guide

This Facebook Optimization guide details why and how to optimize Title, Description, Images, Videos and other rich media for sharing your content on Facebook. You …

Facebook Locales and Languages

Facebook uses the format ll_CC for specifying language and country where 11 stands for the two letter language code and CC stands for …

Twitter Card Optimization for WordPress

This is a guide about Twitter Cards and how to optimize your webpage for sharing on Twitter by adding HTML Meta Tags markup for various Twitter Cards - Summary, summary with Large Image, App card and Player Card. Also find out image size and dimension requirements and guidelines for various other card elements like Title, Description, URL etc.

Platinum SEO WordPress Plugin

Platinum SEO WordPress PluginThis is the best WordPress SEO Plugin to optimize content for Users, improve CTR, let search engines crawl and index your website efficiently with meta tags, structured data like JSON Schema markups, 301 redirects and more.

Install and run WordPress on Windows using XAMPP

Do you have a WordPress blog or site? Are you looking for a method to replicate your WordPress blog in your local Windows environment? This …

Platinum Seo Plugin – 1.3.4 released

A new new version of the popular wordpress SEO plugin – Platinum SEO Pack has just been released.This ultimate wordpress seo plugin will also see …

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