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We earlier reviewed a free tool to create autoruni.inf file. This is a configuration file through which we can tell windows operating system, what to do when a CD or DVD is inserted in the CD/DVD drive.

A CD, DVD or USB-memory-device can have an AutoRun file in its root folder and Windows follows the instructions in this autorun file to start a program, for eg. to run ShellRun to show the CD content. The autorun instructions are also used in “My Computer” to set the drive icon, label and AutoPlay.

Though autorun is a popular feature introduced in Windows OS, as early as in windows 98, it is also a feature that is widely abused to spread malicious virus files, trojan and worms through removable media like Pen Drives or flash drives.

Prior to Windows Vista (in Windows XP etc.), when media containing an autorun.inf specifying an AutoRun task was inserted, the default action was to automatically execute the program without user intervention. From Windows Vista, the default behavior is to invoke AutoPlay and represent the AutoRun task as one of the dialog options.Thus user approval is required in vista and Windows 7, whereas Windows XP and earlier versions of windows were vulnerable to this kind of transmission, due to its behavior of executing autorun.inf file automatically.

This is where freeware like KillAutorun will help. It will let you protect your Windows XP system using the following steps.

  • Disabling automatic execution of autorun script upon insertion of pen drives or any other removable media
  • Automatic deletion of autorun.inf file from your removable drive upon insertion. This is done to prevent accidental invocation of autorun script by double-clicking drive’s icon from Windows Explorer.

KillAutorun is recommended for Windows XP user who often log into their PC as administrative users. You can also use KillAutorun on Vista and 7 but some features might not work due to UAC.

Free download KillAutorun from here and enjoy the free, simple and easy to use tool designed to prevent damages from malicious autorun.inf file.

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