Check Disk For Bad Sectors

Check Disk (Hard Disk) for bad sectors with the free software Windows Surface Scanner. This is a free disk scan utility that scans your hard drive rapidly and reports any sector errors in them.

Bad sectors in hard drives may lead to computer instability. Hence it is imperative to scan the hard drives for bad sector errors and fix them. Windows Surface Scanner works by reading each sector of the physical drive that is currently mounted on a Windows 7, Vista or XP operating system. The sector is examined for a read error and if it detects any read error, it automatically increments an error counter maintained within the program.

How to check disk for bad sectors?

You may do the following to check any physical disk for bad sectors

  • Free download Windows Surface Scanner and install it o your computer.
  • After installation, run the program. Since the program scans the physical hard disk, you need administrative privileges to run it on Windows 7 or Windows Vista. To run it, right Click on the executable file and choose Properties –> Compatibility –> Windows Vista (or Windows 7) –> Run As Administrator.
  • On running the program, you will be shown the following screen
Check Disk For Bad Sectors
  • Press the “Mount” button to detect all physical Drives currently mounted on the system. the program will detect and list all the drives. You may then select the check box next to the drive for scanning it. You may choose only one drive to scan at a time.
  • Next, press the “Scan” button. This will start the surface scan of the currently selected drive.

As the scan progresses, a progress bar will indicate the percentage of the scan completed. The program has also a “Sector” counter to keep a count on the number of sectors scanned so far. This will be automatically incremented to indicate the number of sectors scanned on the surface of your drive.

In addition, there is also a “Time” indicator that will give you an estimate of the time remaining for the current scan. This time may keep fluctuating depending on whether there are several bad sectors or just a few of them on the drive. There is even an error counter that will automatically increment, every time the software encounters a bad sector.

You can terminate the scan any time by clicking on the ‘Exit‘ button.

The following are the various columns on the Windows Surface Scanner interface.

  • BusType – This column indicates the interface that talks to the drive such as the standard ATA, SCSI, USB, etc.
  • Media Model – This column shows the model of the storage device, if it is available.
  • Serial Number – This column shows the serial number of the device, if it is available.
  • Media Size – This column shows the size of the storage device in gigabytes.

Download Windows Surface Scanner and scan disk for bad sectors. However, at the time of writing this review, we noted a few bugs. After the scan is initiated, the program cannot be terminated and clicking “Exit” on the software’s interface will not exit the GUI and you might have to terminate the Windows Surface Scanner process through the Windows Task Manager.

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