How to check Windows Version, Build number and Service Pack

Quite often, windows users find the need to check windows version number and build number.If you had come here looking for a method to know the version or build number of your windows OS, then you have a simple free tool to help you find them and you can download it below.

Are you on the latest Windows 7 or still on your vista or Windows XP powered PC? Windows 7 is the latest OS from Microsoft and you will find them releasing frequent updates to it. This would mean that Microsoft would be delivering newer versions and builds for Windows 7 to address various security issues and more.But, how will you find the version number or build number of your Windows OS? We had earlier posted a sure way to find Windows Version number and build number. But it was a manual method and it required you to open the windows registry and navigate to certain registry keys, to check windows version and build number.

If you find the above manual method to be too geeky, there is a simple tool to determine Windows OS version number, build number, Service pack (SP) number and more. The tool is called “XWinVer” and it is free to use.XWinVer is a tool that uses a simple class to retrieve windows version number and service pack info as an integer and a string value. It also lets you know the Windows build number and the windows edition you are on i.e. whether it is an XP Pro or XP Home or Vista Home or Vista Business or Vista Enterprise or Vista Ultimate.

How to check windows version number, build number or service pack?

Here is how you download and run this tool to check windows version number or build number.

That is all! XWinVer will display the windows version number (both major and minor revisions), build number, service pack number and more.

check windows version number and build number

The uility works on Windows vista and XP. But if you are on windows 7, then you can continue to check Windows 7 Version and build number using the manual technique of opening and navigating to the appropriate key in the registry, as the tool doesn’t yet support windows 7.

Do you know of any other tool to check windows OS version number and build number? Do share it with us and we would love to test it.

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  1. Is there a method of determining the edition of the Windows Server 2003 environment? I see no straightforward way of determining if you’re looking at an Enterprise versus Standard edition 2003 server.

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