Clean cookies, temp and useless files with Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner batch script

Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner is an easy to use simple batch script to delete junk files, cookies, temp files, temporary Internet files, recent history files and various other temporary files in most common folders where these files are found. Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner can also remove Windows Updates setup files that are left behind after installation of patches.

Windows vista junk files that can be cleaned:

The following are windows vista junk files that are created during windows vista installation,updates and normal usage.

  • Temporary files with .tmp or ._mp file extensions.
  • Log files, normally with .log extensions.These can be installation logs, error logs, process logs etc.
  • Recovered lost files with .chk extension
  • Temporary help files with .gid extension
  • Temporary backup files with .old or .bak extensions
  • Temporary Internet files, or stored copies of webpages, images and media cache of Internet Explorer web browser. The size of all contents within this folder can be extremely huge and can even be hundreds of megabytes or several gigabytes unless cleaned on a regular basis

Windows Vista has a builtin Disk Cleanup tool that will help you to delete all the unwanted files. However, Windows Vista Disk Cleanup tool will analyze all possible files and folders to determine what can be deleted or removed or compressed and what cannot.Windows Vista Disk Cleanup tool also offers several options.

How to run Windows Vista Disk Cleanup tool?

Read Run Windows vista disk cleanup tool and clean all junk files

Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner will remove most common temporary junk files existing in your computer, with just a single double click and the cleaning process is quite fast and instantaneous.

How to run Windows Vista System Junk Cleaner?

To delete all junk files related to vista updates, VistaSystemJunkCleaner.bat need to be run as an administrator.Right click on VistaSystemJunkCleaner.bat and select “Run as Administrator”.

To run it, unpack the zip archive and simply double click the VistaSystemJunkCleaner.bat batch file and let it do its job. However, to delete these Vista updates files, you have run the script with administrator rights, by right click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.

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