Clean Windows 7 Desktop with CleanDesktop

Clean Windows 7 Desktop with the free software CleanDesktop. Though Windows 7 was good in many ways, Microsoft seemed to have forgotten to include a Desktop Cleanup Wizard that was available on Windows XP. Or may be they never wanted users to have too many icons stuffed on the Windows 7 desktop.

Windows XP used to keep track of usage of the icons on the desktop and offered ways to remove the unused icons at periodic intervals. CleanDesktop is a small portable free software that lets you remove the unused desktop icons in Windows 7. This utility will work on Windows Vista too!

Clean Windows 7 Desktop

Whenever you run CleanDesktop, it will scan & detect desktop items which have not been used in the last 30 days and list them down. You then have an option to delete or retain them. The unused items are not deleted but they are rather moved to a folder on the Desktop i.e. C:\Users\username\Desktop\Unused Icons. Alternatively, you cans opt to delete the unused items.

CleanDesktop works on Windows 7 32bit and and 64bit editions. Free download CleanDesktop from here and enjoy the XP feature that you miss on Windows 7.

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