Clone USB DVD Drive With free Virtual CloneDrive

Clone USB and DVD Drive with the free Virtual CloneDrive. Do you have the need to burn an ISO, BIN, CCD or any other image file but don’t have a physical DVD drive or a spare one?

Virtual CloneDrive lets you mount ISO files virtually, which is like adding extra DVD drives that exists virtually on your PC! Thus you can run CD/DVD applications from the hard disk, without the need for any physical DVD drives or DVD/CD disks. Any supported image file can be inserted into the virtual drive from your hard disk or from a network drive or from a USB drive and can be used like a normal DVD.

You can mount ISO files using Virtual CloneDrive, that lets you emulate up to 8 virtual drives. This program is lightweight and easy to use. You can mount an ISO or any other supported image file by right clicking on it or through the option in the Explorer. You will be prompted by Virtual CloneDrive to execute the Autorun.exe file in your image file or to browse the files contained within it.

For example, you can right-click on the ISO file, select “Open with” and then select “Mount files with Virtual Clone Drive” to mount your ISO file.

Virtual USB DVD drive

Features of Virtual CloneDrive

  • Provides support for all common image formats like ISO, BIN, CCD.
  • You can clone up to 8 virtual drives using Virtual CloneDrive.
  • The freeware is simple to use – Mounting a drive is as simple as double-clicking an image file.
  • The software can mount an image file on the hard disk or USB drive or any other network location.

Free download Virtual CloneDrive from here

Virtual CloneDrive works on Windows 7, windows XP, Vista or any earlier version of Windows. You just need a PC with a minimum 500 MHz microprocessor (1 GHz recommended) and 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended).

Clone USB, DVD and CD drives with the free Virtual CloneDrive. You can also try the free virtual CD drive called MagicDisc to clone CD drives.

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