Free cloud computing desktop – Gladinet

Access remote PC(s), files and web applications with gladinet cloud desktop. This is an amazing free cloud computing desktop program, that makes sharing files and folders easy, allows remote Access to multiple PCs, and even lets you use online storage as local folders on your PC/computer system.

Gladinet software creates a virtual drive on your Windows desktop. From this virtual drive, you can access your online storage as if they were local folders. You can also access folders from multiple PCs.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop integrates Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) and other online storage. You can use any of these online storage as local folders.

Gladinet is so versatile and flexible that you can use Zoho Online Office to open local .doc and .xls files or use local Adobe Photoshop to open .png and .gif files from the online storage. It also lets you access all your favorite web applications from the Start Menu, from the Sys Tray, from Windows explorer or even from the right click context menu.

Features of Gladinet:

  • Access files stored online and on multiple PCs from your Windows Desktop and your online desktop. Thus you have immediate access to all your files, located anywhere, from everywhere (wherever you are)
  • Access folders on multiple PCs from any of those computer systems. Gladinet also lets you use remote access solutions such as RDP or VNC among them (PCs). All your PCs are always connected even when you are on the road.
  • Use online office to open local spread sheets
  • Use Paint Brush on your windows PC to open online images
  • Use online storage as if they were local folders on your PC
  • Share files (online and local files) and folders with your friends and colleagues easily and securely with Gladinet. It virtualizes your folder into an Internet URL which is instantly accessible, after you send it. You can even protect your share as an Internet URL with a password. You can also put a timer on the URL, so it can expire at a specific time. Both the features make the sharing experience more secure
  • Aggregate all your favorites and bookmarks from different machines together

In short, you can easily manage all your digital content from the Virtual Directory Manager on your desktop or from the browser.Gladinet is currently in beta and has a lot of bugs. Check the support forum for all known and newly reported issues. However this free application has a lot of potential as a cloud computing desktop. Free download Gladinet and test drive the cloud computing desktop application.Check this tutorial to find out how to use the free online storage manager!

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