Get essential codecs for vista with vista codec package

Are you looking for vista codecs to support windows media player(wmp) or any other player? Are you looking for divx, avi, xvid, mp4 and in general any video or audio codec? Download vista codec package and get all essential codecs for vista.

Vista codec package is a free out of the box solution for all your codec needs. This is a decent package of all important codecs that you would need on your PC/computer system, to play any video or audio file.

When you install video codec package, it automatically removes most other popular codec releases, before getting itself installed, thereby ensuring that there are no conflicts. Upon installation, Windows Media Player and Vista’s Media Center will instantly recognize all your video and audio files as playable .

Vista codec package supports any media player on your PC/computer system to play any music or movie. With vista codec package, you can also view any streaming video on any widely used browser . It supports streaming video in several different formats.

Users also get complete control on the codecs and they have the ability to choose the codecs to install and the location to install. After installation, you can select to remove specific portions, without removing the entire vista codec package. You can also add back the removed items at any time.

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Vista codec package supports several languages including Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Japanese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.Free download vista codec package and get any codec for vista , to play any audio or video file on windows media player or any other player .

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