Collage Maker in Various Shapes

If you have a collection of photos, then it is always a nice idea to create eye catching Photo Collages. A Photo Collage is an assemblage of several pictures into one whole photo.

Today, we came across another free tool called Shape Collage, that lets you create a photo collage in a few steps.What makes this tool different from others, is you can create photo collages in several different shapes! Thus you can either create a standard rectangle-shaped collage or a collage in the form of a circle, a heart, a user-defined text or any other custom shape that you can upload into Shape Collage or draw with the program’s built-in shape editor. You can access the shape editor by clicking the square against custom, in the tool.

How to create Collages with Shape Collage?

It is very easy to create a photo collage with this the tool,

  • Import all your photos
  • Configure all settings like Shape Size and Appearance
  • Click preview to see the Collage outline. Unfortunately, preview does not show the output with the images, but you only get to see an outline
  • Keep adjusting the photo spacing and preview it, until the photos are evenly spaced throughout the shape
  • Finally when you are satisfied with your desired shape, save the collage in JPG, PNG or Photoshop PSD formats

That is all. The output is truly awesome, if you have several photos,though it takes time to generate the photo collage, when the number of imported images are more.

Collage Maker

Shape Collage is available for Windows Mac OSX and Linux. There is also a java version of Shape Collage, which is OS independent, but needs Java to run. Free download Shape Collage from here and enjoy making picture collages in several different shapes!

How about using Thetawall to enjoy Photo Collages as Desktop Backgrounds?

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  1. Cool, will Definitely be useful to Photographers, Models and designers

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