Collages as Desktop Backgrounds

Use a Photo Collage as a Desktop Background

– Do you have a good collection of wallpapers on your PC? Do you use wallpaper rotators to rotate the wallpapers on your desktop? Do you like the idea of using a photo collage as a desktop background?

We had earlier covered Wally, a free wallpaper rotator to change wallpapers on your Windows vista or XP desktops. We had also reviewed Dazzo’s wallpaper changer, a free software to rotate wallpapers in vista.

Here is another interesting software called Thetawall to make a photo collage of pictures saved in any folder, and use the photo collage as a wallpaper or desktop background on your PC.

Thetawall is a free software that can used to periodically change the desktop backgrounds with images that it finds in any folder. It can be configured to use either a single image or a wallpaper collage created from many such images found in any specified folder. Whenever you generate a new collage, Thetawall grabs a different bunch of images to create wallpapers in different layouts. ThetaWall can not only be used to generate desktop backgrounds, but it can also be used to create screensavers.

Thetawall works on single or dual or multiple monitors and it can run on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The software does not require any installation as it is portable. However, Thetawall requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed on your PC, to work properly.

Get Thetawall from CNET download center and extract the contents of the ZIP archive into any folder where you have your photo collection. Then, launch the program’s executable and create wallpaper collages to be used as desktop backgrounds. You can access the program either through its system tray icon or automatically change the wallpaper by double clicking the current desktop background.

Update: Thetawall is no longer available on the original developer’s website.We recommend you to use any other free collage maker that we had reviewed here at Techblissonline.

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