Connect laptop to TV with Intel Wireless Display (WIDI)

We earlier told you about how to connect laptop to TV in a PC running windows 7, Vista or XP.But Intel has released a new Wireless Display (WIDI) technology that lets you connect laptop to TV in a snap!

There was a recent Windows 7 commercial that caught the attention of several people. In the commercial, a guy talks about a game with zombies and wanted to find out more about zombies. So he does a search on the internet and finds a a web page he likes, which he then streams to his HDTV! He actually does this by using this cool new WIDI technology from Intel! This is only supported on some recent laptop models and you also require a TV adapter from Netgear and a TV with HDMI or composite A/V input.

Intel Wireless Display is now available on more than 25 systems based on Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors from manufacturers like ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. You can get this from more than 10 retailers including Amazon, Best Buy,, Fry’s, Sony Style, OfficeMax, Tiger Direct, and more. You also require a Push to TV adapter from Netgear.

WIDI lets you surf the internet and also stream a video on TV. There is also a new remote only mode that allows you to watch a video with a black screen, on the laptop, to lower glare and distractions. A new fast cursor improves navigation on the TV.

Watch this video on the new wireless way to connect laptop to TV with Intel Wireless Display – WIDI.

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