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Do you have a contestphoto contest or writing contest or any other cool sweepstakes running on your blog or website? Then you can get it listed or advertised freely on this cool site. has a cool list of actual contests and sweepstakes on the internet. It is a clean website that do not bother visitors with unneccessary clicking. If you go to, you’ll see a list of contests including the contest title, name of the sponsor, date of submission and contest ending date.

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If you want to add your own contest, you can submit it through the contest submission form. has a clean and neat layout, with simple navigation and it does not confuse the visitors a lot.

If you are looking to participate in a contest, click on any of the contest listings and you’ll see all the information you need to participate in the contest like title, name of the sponsor, end date, eligiblity criteria to participate in the contest, list of prizes and more. You can share a comment on the contest or share the information on the given contest (sweepstake) with your friends, family and others.

This is what Peter Repta, the webmaster of this site has to say:

We want to bring fresh air to this niche. We want to bring daily information about new contests and sweepstakes on the internet for free. We don’t want to charge any fees from our visitors, bother them with unneccessary clicking or with obtrusive advertisements. We want to server as many contests as possible and we want to become place in TOP5 in count of visitors. Our business model is very simple and we are already making revenues. We are motivated from the start and we want to make world know about us. is a cool concept and it is definitely beneficial to all those running contest on the web.If you have a contest running on your blog, then get it listed on

If you are looking to make some money online, then participate in all those contest on the web, shared


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