Control PC using Voice Commands

Control you PC’s mouse and keyboard by just using your voice (voice commands) with Voice Finger, a free windows speech recognition software.It is an useful alternative for the default speech recognition tool in Windows.

Voice recognition is a system trained to a particular user, where it recognizes their speech based on their unique vocal sound. Windows Speech Recognition lets users to interact with their computers, by just using their voice. You can write and send emails, or write into any office application including Word, Excel etc. or even fill out forms on the Web. You can use voice commands to start and switch between any windows application or even control the whole windows operating system. Windows Speech Recognition was introduced in Windows Vista and is supported in Windows 7 as well.

Voice Finger aims to improve upon the default Windows speech recognition tool by using a 44 x 44 grid to click anywhere on the screen instead of the default way of clicking at a point on the screen, which requires a lot of successive commands. With Voice Finger, you do not need to use successive voice commands to click at the right spot, but you can click any spot on the screen with just a single command.

Windows Speech Recognition Software

Voice Finger also improves upon the way you use the keyboard mode. In the Keyboard Mode with Voice Finger, you use short commands to type and navigate the cursor. For example, instead of the default Windows voice command “Press A”, in Voice Finger you just say “A”, and instead of saying “Press down thirty times”, in Voice Finger commands are like “Down thirty”. Thus Voice Finger lets you do more work With short and direct commands anywhere.

Free download Voice Finger from here and enjoy an improved windows speech recognition software for free in Windows 7 and vista.

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