Convert PDF files to Flash format with PdfMeNot

Convert PDF files into Macromedia flash format using PdfMeNot, a free online service for viewing PDF files.After converting PDF files into Macromedia flash format using PdfMeNot, you can view the PDF file online either through a link or can embed the PDF file in a webpage.

PDF, Portable Document Format is a very popular and an open standard digital file format created by Adobe systems for document exchange.PDF file can capture the complete description of a 2-D document, that includes the text, fonts, images, and 2-D vector graphics that compose the documents.(PDF file can also capture embedded 3-D documents with Acrobat 3-D.
PDF files, however, can be a real pain to users, when it comes to speed.For e.g., PDF files can have very slow download and response and it can be also be slow in powering up Acrobat reader.The slowness of PDF file formats can be overcome by converting PDF format to Macromedia Flash format without changing the original layout, formatting and images.There are several online PDF to Flash converters and these are useful to readers as well as bloggers and/or website owners.They can embed the PDF files in the webpages.Readers, who don’t have Acrobat Reader installed on their computers, can then view such PDF files online without any difficulties.
There are quite a few free online PDF to Flash converters.PdfMeNot is one such very useful free online service.PdfMeNot can convert PDF files into Macromedia flash format.

How to use PDFMeNot?

  • Go to PdfMeNot
  • Either enter the URL of a PDF file or upload the file from the computer.

You are done.The first view of the PDF file, online, may be slow.But all subsequent views would be faster, as PDFMeNot caches the view.

How to link to PDF files using PDFMeNot?

Linking to existing PDF files is very easy with PDFMeNot.Suppose you wanted to link to an existing PDF file, say,, then one can simply use this link instead:

How to embed PDF files in webpages or blogs?

You can embed a PDF file in a webpage using the following piece of code.Suppose you want to embed a PDF file say,, the embed code will look like this:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>

Webmasters/bloggers can automatically convert any PDF files they link to, by including the following javascript code before the tag of their pages:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></ script>

Bookmarklet to convert all pdf links to use PdfMeNot:

You can easily convert all pdf links on a webpage to use PdfMeNot. Add the link below to your favourites (drag or right-click it). Now, when viewing a page with pdf links, click the bookmark and all the links will be automagically converted.

PdfMeNot Bookmarklet

Install PdfMeNot Firefox Extension:

PdfMeNot Firefox Extension will automagically fix all links to pdf files, as your browse. The PdfMeNot Firefox Extension also adds a little icon next to each converted link.
Install PdfMeNot 0.1.2
PdfMeNot is thus a very useful free online service to view PDF files online by converting the Portable Document Format to Macromedia Flash Format.

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