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Convert Word to PDF (Doc to PDF or Docx to PDF) and Excel to PDF of enterprise quality with the free gDoc Creator. This free utility lets you create, print and view PDF and XPS documents of good quality. You can convert to PDF any MS Office format like Word and Excel enterprise quality (e.g. PDF/A) PDF documents or XPS documents.Though the creator of gDoc Creator claims that it converts PPT to PDF, we were not successful in converting a ppt to PDF using gDoc Creator.

How to Create PDF files with the free PDF Creator – gDoc Creator?

gDoc Creator can take PostScript language, PDF, PDF/A-1b, XPS document and Microsoft Office Word, Excel and “PowerPoint” input files and convert them into either PDF, PDF/A-1b, XPS document or Microsoft Word output files.You can create PDF files or XPS files in three simple and different ways using gDoc Creator.

Create PDF files by dragging and dropping the files:

Drag-and-drop the file to be converted (PDF, XPS, PostScript language or Microsoft Office), onto the gDoc Creator application or desktop icon.gDoc Creator will open and convert the file. A progress bar will appear and a sound will prompt you when the file has completed. If you wish you can disable the sound. See gDoc Creator preferences.

If you want to change the output format before converting, do the following:

  • 1. Open gDoc Creator by double-clicking Quick Convert, the gDoc Creator desktop icon (if you have one) or by selecting Start > All Programs > Global Graphics > gDoc Creator.
Doc to PDF, Word Document to PDF, Word to PDF
  • 2.Select the output Document Type (XPS, PDF or Microsoft Word).
  • 3.Select the required Setup Name.
  • 4. If required, edit your setup.
  • 5. Drag-and-drop the file to be converted (PDF, XPS, PostScript language or Microsoft Office), onto the gDoc Creator application or desktop icon.

Convert to PDF by printing from Desktop applications

Like most other PDF creators, the PC considers gDoc Creator to be a printer. You can create PDF files by hitting +P.

When you print to one of the gDoc Creator Printers from a desktop application you can create PDF or XPS document files:

  • 1. In your desktop application save the document and select the Print option.
  • 2. In the Printer name field select gDoc PDF Creator to create PDF files or gDoc XPS Creator to create XPS files.
  • 3. Click OK to complete the process. Click Cancel to abort the printing.

When creating a PDF or XPS by printing to the gDoc Creator PDF or XPS printer you are always prompted for a name and location for the output file. Therefore, the Always output files to and Overwrite an existing document options in the Setup are ignored.

Convert to PDF using Add-ins for MS Office Applications

Though gDoc creator is claimed to convert to PDF using Add-ins for MS Office Applications, we were not successful in getting the gDoc creator Add-ins installed onto MS Office applications.If you were successful, you can create XPS or PDF documents from within MS Office applications.

To create PDF or XPS documents from a Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 document, click on the Add-in toolbar icon (2003) or gDoc Ribbon Menu (2007) and select Create > PDF or Create > XPS. Alternatively, select gDoc Creator > Create file > PDF or gDoc Creator > Create file > XPS from the File menu (2003 only). A gDoc Creator “working” message appears followed by a Create PDF or XPS Browser dialog that allows selection of the various security options that can be applied to a PDF file. These security options are the same as the options provided within the gDoc Setup manager. For more information see Security tab and Add-ins for Microsoft Office.

If you have not previously saved your Microsoft Word or Excel document before attempting to create an XPS or PDF document, a Save As dialog will appear prompting you to save it. Once saved the conversion will continue. If you have not saved your Microsoft PowerPoint document before conversion a “Please save your document before printing it” message will appear. You must save the document before conversion using the Add-ins.

Secure PDF Files

You can not only create good quality PDF files from MS office documents but you can also convert PDF to Word and/or XPS files to MS Word documents in a single step. Converting PDF to Word is as easy as Word to PDF with gDoc Creator.

Other than creating PDF files of enterprise quality, you can also secure the PDF files by password protecting PDF from being viewed, edited, printed, copied, annotated – either singly or in any combination. Secure PDF is just a few clicks away.

gDoc Creator bundles with it a trial version of gDoc Fusion that lets you View multiple documents in multiple formats simultaneously. gDoc Fusion also has an unique “Flick View” to quickly browse documents and find the needed information.

With gDoc Fusion, you can create new documents from different file types in seconds without prior conversion to PDF. You can Rearrange, crop, rotate or delete pages, edit text, create and edit bookmarks and comments. You will however need to upgrade to use the full feature set of gDoc Fusion, without the watermark appearing, when saving your file.

Free download gDoc Creator from here and enjoy creating PDF files of enterprise quality.

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