Copy files faster and easily in windows vista or XP with Teracopy

TeraCopy is a freeware utility for home users, to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed in windows vista or XP.Windows vista is often complained of very slow file copy or move speeds.This can be overcome with TeraCopy.Even Windows XP users will find great improvement in speeds while copying and moving files.

Apart from the speed of copying or moving files, TeraCopy also lets you control the copy or move process by allowing you to pause and resume file transfers.Pausing the copy or move process lets you free up system resources for other important and high priority tasks.The copy or move process can then be resumed easily with just a single click.

Another useful feature of teracopy is error recovery.When you copy or move huge number of files, any file causing error, is skipped and the process continues for other files.Teracopy will then list all the failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only error causing files.

Teracopy also offers full unicode support and it can completely replace your windows explorer’s copy and move functions,through shell integration.

Download Teracopy and enjoy faster file copy or move functionalities.

The pro version of Teracopy allows you to select files with the same extension/same folder and also lets remove selected files from the copy queue apart from free updates and prioritized support.You can buy pro version of Teracopy with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

5 comments on “Copy files faster and easily in windows vista or XP with Teracopy

  1. This is a good utility, I have seen many blogs mention this one.

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  2. Pause and resume faciliy was much needed option. I wonder how it speeds up copy process, though. Yeah great error recovery was very much required while copy paste, otherwise it takes a lot of time to figure out which file was copied and which was not , i such cases i am left with no option than to copy again and give the option overwrite all , wasting a lot of time ..

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  3. Yeah, I have seen this mentioned in a couple of other blogs as well. I havn’t tried it though. I might try it in the future when I need to copy extensive amount of data.

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  4. This program hangs and crashes constantly when used with large numbers of files. Also drops files from queues or falsely reports files copied when they have not been copied. Has crashed mid operation and wiped out entire directories at least twice.

    I’ve been following along from version 1.22 up to 2.0B3. Things are improving, but Teracopy still needs a LOT of work before it can be trusted to handle important data.

  5. I read about it too and tried it – and couldn’t get it to do anything. The interface is very basic and not a lot in the way of instructions or help file contents.

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