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High CPU Temperature can permanently damage your PC. Like most other electronic components, CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a computer also produces heat. Excessive heat can make you CPU unstable or even cause your PC to shutdown.Hence it is very important to monitor CPU or Computer Temperature.

Since a computer system’s components produce large volume of heat during ts operation, the heat produced must be dissipated to keep the components within their safe operating temperatures. In addition to maintaining normative function, varied cooling methods are used to either achieve greater processor performance (overclocking) while ensuring minimal noise pollution from the typical cooling methods that make use of cooling fans.

But one need to first the detect the current CPU temperature and for that he needs a good CPU temperature Monitor, to keep a tab on how hot the CPU gets.Here are a few free CPU Temperature Monitors for PCs running Windows OS, that you may find useful. The need to monitor PC Temperature is more in case you happen to use a PC in hot climates or environments.

SpeedFan – CPU Temperature monitor:

Speedfan is a popular software to monitor CPU Temperature and temperatures of your motherboard and hard disk. You can read voltages and fan speeds and check the status of your hard disk using S.M.A.R.T. or SCSI attributes with Speedfan.Speedfan is a excellent software that lets you get a deeper view of the status of your PC. It even helps figure out why your PC hangs when under heavy load or after some hours of usage. It can help you a lot to find the reasons for an unpredictable PC reboot or for a failing hard disk. It can tell you whether you are likely to experience temperature related issues and can help you to greatly reduce the noise at work or while watching a movie.

SpeedFan can access status info from EIDE, SATA and even SCSI drives, showing, in a consistent way, internal data that can be used to diagnose current and future hard disk failures. This is known as S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology). At the lowest level, SpeedFan is a hardware monitor software that can access digital temperature sensors, but its main feature is that it can control fan speeds according to the temperatures inside your pc, thus reducing noise.

Free download SpeedFan from here

Core Temp – CPU Temperature monitor:

Core Temp is a compact CPU temperature monitor for Windows Vista, Windowx XP and even Windows 7.It is supported on all Intel Core and Core 2 based processors as well as the whole AMD’s Athlon64 line of CPUs.

The uniqueness of it is that it shows the temperature of each individual core in each processor in your system! You can see in real time how the CPU temperature varies when you load your CPU. It’s also completely motherboard independent. In Vista you may have to go to Core Temp.exe properties and select the “Run this program as an Administrator” option under the “Compatibility” tab for Core Temp to work properly.

How to Use Core Temp To Monitor CPU temperature?

When you launch Core Temp, the main window will appear along with a system tray icon:

  • 1. Hover the mouse over the icon with enumerate all cores and show their temperature.
  • 2. Double-Left click will either show or hide the main window.
  • 3. Minimizing the main window will minimize it to system tray.
  • 4. Single-Right click will bring up the “File” menu.

There are also settings that you can adjust:

  • 1. Set the interval between each temperature read (10 – 9999ms).
  • 2. Set the interval between each write to the log file (Equal to read interval and up to 99999ms).
  • 3. Toggle the logging On/Off.
  • 4. Prevent from the “CPU is overheating!” message from appearing in case of overheating.
  • 5. Show temperature in Fahrenheit – self explanatory.
  • 6. Start minimzed – when checked will start Core Temp with the main window hidden.
  • 7. Show Delta to Tj.Max. – Will display the output of the DTS value on Intel CPUs.
  • 8. Start Core Temp with Windows – Check the checkbox to make Core Temp start together with Windows.

Free download Core Temp from here

CPU Thermometer – CPU Temperature monitor:

CPU Temperature monitor lets you monitor your computer temperature in live time. Program can start with Windows start-up, and show live CPU temperature in your desktop tray icon, so you get this important system information at a glance.

CPU Thermometer will show CPU ID, Frequency, Core Number and CPU current temperature. Program provide some useful functions, when the CPU temperature over some value that you set, it can “Show warning message”, “Shutdown computer” or “Reboot computer”, it can protect your PCs. You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your PC for CPU Temperature to work.

Free download CPU Thermometer from here

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